Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beach day!

My favorite day of the vacation was when we crammed 8 people into our little SUV and drove 2 hours to Kaliko beach, beyond Cabaret. When Barnabas visited HFC last year, he got to know the kids, so he begged us to take along his three best friends among the boys: Alex, Jacques, and Bernadin. It didn't take a lot of begging to convince us to accept!

We played a game of soccer in which yours truly scored 2 goals (don't give me any credit - Bernadin did a masterful job of setting me up) and when our feet were burning from the hot sand and we were dripping with sweat, we headed for the water. The ocean was fun, but it's salty and the bottom is very rocky. Plus, the boys don't know how to swim very well, so it's scarier for them than the pool. The clincher, however, was when my brother and then my sister got stabbed by sea urchins. Time to go pool!

I took out some baby carrots that my dad had brought from the US. "Eew, gross!", the boys exclaimed. "She's eating raw carrots!" I managed to convince them that baby carrots don't taste bitter like Haitian carrots do and I made the boys try them. Immediately, the "Eew"s turned to "Wow"s! They ate every carrot in the bag.

Bernadin got to make a phone call to the States to talk with his adoptive family as well as Bryn. That boy's grin just could not get any bigger.

We ate lunch at the hotel buffet. The boys piled Mount Everests of rice, macaroni, chicken, fish, plaintains, vegetables, bread, and bean sauce onto their plates. And then they went back for seconds, sodas, and slices of cake!

Just in case you've been wondering, Haitians can get sunburned. Every time the boys saw me reapplying sunscreen, they smeared it all over themselves too.

We played water polo, keep away, 500, chicken fight, Save the Drowning Wasps, and Push Keziah into the Pool Whenever Possible. It was awesome.

All in all, a super fun day and a very special treat for my brother's three buddies.

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Bryn said...

.....and a special treat for their three moms to know that they had a wonderful day doing something major special with people who love them. Thank you SO much for taking them & for all the wonderful pictures!!