Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Walking the Ravine

I walked the Ravine today for the first time since Dorothy got sick. It was so nice to be back at one of my "regular" nursing jobs and to see some of the babies that I normally see every week. Mary and her friend, Sharon, accompanied me, and we saw about 20 babies and children. Despite the high numbers, we moved through rather fast thanks to Mary's extremely efficient organizing of the patients as they waited for me to see them. At one point, she actually had them in a line! That, my friends, is nothing short of a Haitian miracle.

Vanesse, my little burn victim, has not come for her dressing changes in nearly 2 weeks. Her father apparently refuses to let her come anymore. Today, I stopped at her house in the ravine so that I could at least look at her scar, but she was not there. Her older sister (below left) told me that Vanesse is in the countryside with her mother until January. She said that the wound is dry now and healing well. Unfortunately, the family does not necessarily know what a burn scar should look like, so what they think looks good may actually be healing poorly. There's nothing I can do now, though. Nothing but pray and wait for her to come back.

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