Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Thanksgiving weekend fun

Kevs had all the older kids into his room for "church" on Friday morning. They sang in Creole, French and English; they recited Bible verses; they learned "5 Little Duckies"; and they prayed out loud. It was better than a lot of church services I've been to.

On Saturday morning, Pastor Kevs held church again, with Johnny in attendance. Johnny can't sing yet, but he bobs his head back and forth with the music. It is so cute!

After watching his big brother, Sam, accompanying me on errands all over town, Kevs has decided that he should take over that job too. He also wants to be my chauffeur...

Since the trip to Titayen did not happen, we went to a pool at a hotel just a mile behind our house on Saturday. Ivens, Dannae's fiance, showed us where it was and then the two of them joined us for a fun afternoon of swimming. It was a cold day by Haitian standards - only about 85 degrees and partly cloudy - but we hardly got out of the water.

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