Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

My roommate Dannae asked her Haitian students if they knew what happened at the first Thanksgiving. One boy raised his hand and answered: "There was a great famine in America. So all the people prayed and God sent turkeys falling down from the sky for them to eat!"


Today, I was supposed to go to HFC to visit my kids while Dorothy, Kevs, and Dannae were going to go to Titayen to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends the Kendalls. Kevs and Dannae were especially excited about the pool at the Kendall's. Unfortunately, making plans in Haiti is a rather futile task. Our car had overheated and blown a radiator tube, so I couldn't go to HFC, and the woman who was going to take everyone to the Kendall's had something else come up at the last minute. So we all ended up at home. But we didn't mind! We celebrated royally and had a great day.

Part 1: We brought the older kids up for a movie and a special treat of chocolate pudding and candy.

Part 2: Kevs came over to Dottie's house with me and Dannae for a simple but yummy lunch of roast beef sandwiches with fresh cucumber and tomato.

Part 3: We made long distance calls to people we love. Kevs got to talk to Natasha, Mama Kathy, Sam, Papa Beaver, and Rebecca (his adoptive sister).

Part 4: The three of us went to Epi D'Or for ice cream! And we brought French fries home as a special treat for Dorothy.

All in all, a very fun day. We have so much to be thankful for here in Haiti and it was great to dedicate an entire day with our mini-family to remembering all our blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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