Saturday, November 1, 2008

Semen sa a

Tasha left this Tuesday. We all miss her very much, especially little Emily, her baby.

Jamson has bounced back to full health from his bout of stomach sickness last week. He has gained the 3 pounds he lost and added another one on top of that. It's no wonder - all he does is steal food from Naphtali's tray.

I am driving more and more. On Friday, I went out 4 times in the car. It turns out that I am a surprisingly good Haitian driver. I guess biking in Boston has prepared me for the utter chaos and lawlessness of Haitian roads. My Friday trips: gas for the stove and fridge, drinking water, One Stop market, and the park with the kids.

We celebrated October 31st (occasionally known as Halloween, but not so at our house in voodoo-filled Haiti) by dressing the kids up, parading them through the house to Mama Dorothy's room where they each received a piece of candy. We brought Frantzo and Emily up along with the usual 5 toddlers, which made them very happy!





This week, Mama Dorothy started a feeding program for 5 needy kids in the neighborhood. We feed them one meal a day, along with vitamins and basic medical care. We'll see how things go with these 5 and expand as we feel led. Mickaelle and Rosekatalove are 2 of our first kids. If Rose ever stops freaking out when I walk in the room, I will get a good picture of her. She has beautiful eyes, a lot like Debbie from HFC.

Kevs' adoptive brother, Sam, and their family friend, Casey, are staying with us for 2 weeks. They have been a lot of help and a lot of fun around the house. One of today's projects: preparing one of the rooms in the laundry area for a mom and her 1 month old baby girl. The mom is an unmarried 23 year old who was living with family friends and trying to finish 3rd grade. When she had the baby, the family kicked her out and one of our nannies brought her to us. We don't want to separate a baby that young from her mom, so we are going to let them both live with us for at least a few months.

The room during the cleaning phase:

The finished product:

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tasha rae said...

its so hard not being there...being apart of all the new and wonderful things that are happening...i miss you all so much. you are in my prayers.

<3 <3 <3