Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dorothy's hospitalized

Dorothy woke up with abdominal cramping this morning. By 11am, she was vomiting and in so much pain that she couldn't even stand up. She called me to come pick her up at Agape Flights where she was volunteering and take her to the doctor's. When I got there, she was in so much pain that we had to practically carry her to the car. She was white as a sheet, sweaty and trembly, and the whole ride to the hospital, she had her head out the window, vomiting. It's very hard to be a nurse and ambulance driver at the same time. Especially on Haitian roads where you need all your attention and skill every moment.

I took her to Sacred Heart, downtown. They were very quick and very professional. We had an IV started, pain medication given, 2 xrays done, an ultrasound done, and bloodwork drawn by 4pm. They could not figure out what was wrong however, and Dorothy was still vomiting and experiencing intense pain, so they admitted her for the night. They are testing her for malaria, appendicitis, bowel obstruction, giardia, and bowel dilation. Hopefully, we will have a diagnosis and a plan of action by tomorrow.

Dorothy wanted me back at the house in case anything went wrong with the kids, so I left the hospital at 5pm. Our right hand man, Emmanuel, came to spend the night with her there so she will have someone to pray with her and keep her company and translate for her. I will head back to the hospital tomorrow morning after I make the kids breakfast and do their meds.

By the way, if you have heard about the school in Petionville that collapsed, rest assured: no one I know was involved. The whole city is in an uproar about it; people are saying that the director of the school should be killed for allowing his building to be so poorly built. Perhaps the worst part of the tragedy, however, is that several dozen children were taken to General Hospital - the doctors at General are on strike and have been for weeks. Many of those children will simply die because they don't have proper care.

Please please please! Pray for Dorothy's health, pray for Kervens who is naturally very upset at all this, pray for me because I suddenly have a house of 22 kids that I am fully responsible for and I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. Thanks!

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