Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Row row row your boat

My day: dishes and meds at home, teaching at Quisqueya, 5 hours at the hospital, and the most insane drive of my life. It was dark and pouring rain within 10 minutes of leaving the hospital and we don't have windshield wipers on our car. Kathy was driving but she doesn't know the route yet so she and I switched as the rain was getting to torrential power. I drove most of the way home with my head halfway out the window so I could see where the potholes were, where the oncoming traffic was, and how deep the rivers were. The last section of road was literally a rushing river a foot deep. I still have no idea how we got through it OK, but we did.

Never a dull day in Haiti!


Mandy said...

Just keep rowing, my friend. God is so good & will give you all you need to accomplish your overwhelming tasks for the days ahead! Isn't it amazing & beautiful that He put you there just at the right time?!? What an amazing God He is!!
I've been staring at a PILE of laundry today thinking "there's no way I can get this done", but I figure if you can survive a crazy day like you've had in Haiti, I can conquer this mountain of clothes!! :)

Lori said...

WOW!!!! I am just catching up on things. OH MY!! You are doing a SUPER JOB!! Life here isn't easy, but you are gettin' done girl! Keep your chin up. Keep going on to the finish. Keep relying on Him for guidance and to meet your every need. You are learning lots and blessing so many people. HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! Lori