Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank you!

All last week we had a wonderful team of 18 Americans working at Dorothy’s. Every day, some of them just loved the children and others slaved over our house, getting it into great shape. They gave me and Dannae a new toilet seat and showerhead. I can take real showers now! They bought and installed a new fridge and a washing machine for us. They also gave us money to buy an inverter. We’re going to have power regularly! They built a water filtration system that is going to give us clean water for bathing and washing dishes and hopefully for drinking as well.

They built a gate to keep the dogs off the roof; they painted and cleaned rooms; they repaired the wiring to the pump; they cleaned and fixed the water piping; they concreted some broken areas in the kitchen floor and out back; they put shelves into the downstairs closets; they fixed fans; they rewired the little generator and got the diesel generator working; they replaced our car’s muffler; they painted new cribs; they fixed the hinges on the door downstairs; they hung swings in the trees for the kids; they did crafts with the older toddlers; they built new shelves in the office and rearranged the storage out frontl they went shopping and completely restocked our house with necessities; they took care of sick Levinsky and did therapy with Poutchino…the list just goes on and on. I’m sure I’ve forgotten jobs that they did for us.

These Americans worked non-stop for a week and improved our quality of life noticeably. It was great having their cheerful faces around and seeing how much the children and staff appreciated their presence. They are a fantastic bunch of people and I think they got the Haiti bug pretty bad, so we expect to see them back here soon.

My 18 new friends: thank you so much! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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Tasha Rae said...

wow i am so grateful to hear such wonderful news with pictures. i had heard what they did, but its just great. i bet it looks so different since i was there...cant wait to see it again...