Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't smoke!

I keep saying that to our car. "Don't smoke, it's bad for your health. Stop it!" But the car just does not obey me. We made it most of the places we needed to go yesterday despite the smoke that kept pouring out of the hood of the car, and today, Sam is at home awaiting the mechanic. It's very difficult to run a house of 22 children and take care of a lady in the hospital when you don't have a functional car. Please pray that my car is able to break the habit and stop smoking!

Dorothy is doing well. She continues to experience lots of nausea, but today they have taken her off narcotics, so hopefully the nausea will decrease. Kathy was with her overnight and will be with her all day today. The doctors are talking tentatively about discharging Dorothy tomorrow or Saturday. It will be great to have her home so that I can ask her questions in person and so we won't have to spend half our day driving to and from the hospital, but I'm guessing it'll be another 3 or 4 weeks before she is able to start taking over the job of running the infant rescue. Sam is here till the 24th and Casey is coming back on Saturday so that I'll still have some help when Mama Kathy leaves on Monday.

Timing is funny. In some respects, right now was the wrong time for Dorothy to be sick. I am subbing half days at Quisqueya Christian School for the entire month of November, and I'm supposed to be house-sitting for our friend Dottie from Nov. 25th to Dec. 2oth. I'm not nearly as available as I normally am. On the other hand, the timing was perfect. If this had happened 3 weeks ago, I would not have been comfortable driving yet. I would not have known my way around as well. I would not have known the Brooks family or all the neighborhood friends and I probably would not have gotten reinforcements as quickly as I did this week. I would not have chosen this week for Dorothy to be sick, but God has better timing than I do.

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