Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meet the Beast

Dannae and I are house-sitting for our neighbor, Dottie, for a few weeks while she is visiting the States. Dottie runs a large guesthouse just up the road that is very unHaitian: it has electricity all the time, there is a fridge stocked with American food, the place is clean and quiet, and there are no children here at all. It's nice but at the same time very odd. I miss tucking Kevs in and I miss hearing the kids doing devotions before bed and then singing silly songs when they wake up at 5 in the morning. Lately, they had been singing Happy Birthday to me, Natasha, Mama Dorothy, Mama Casey, Sam...everybody they can think of. I don't really mind waking up every morning to "Happy Birthday dear Keziah, Happy Birthday to you!"

Here at Dottie's, I don't have children to put to bed or children to wake up to, but I do have the Beast. OK, his real name is Brown, but he looks so much like the Beast from my favorite movie, Sandlot, that I have temporarily renamed him.

The Beast is Dottie's new guard dog. He is big, he is incredibly strong, and he is wildly in love with me. Every time I go outside, he licks me all over and jumps on top of me, often nearly knocking me over. Supposedly, he's quite ferocious but with me, Beastie's just a big ball of energy!

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Mandy said...

Well shoot, at first I was reading about the guesthouse and thinking I have got to stay there --- sounds like a nice home in Haiti --- but then I got the the DOG. Um, no, this chick is SCARED of dogs and I could not, would not, should not stay at a place with that beast.