Friday, November 14, 2008

She gives love

Sam and Kevs made my day yesterday. First of all, while we were coming home from the hospital, Kevs asked me if I would be his godmother along with Tasha when the adoption is complete. He wants to have a ceremony in which he will annoint the two of us with perfume, just like they used to annoint kings in the Bible.

And that evening, I came into Kevs' room late to tuck him in because I'd been taking care of Johnny. Sam and Kevs were sitting on the bed with the guitar.
"Sit down," Kevs commanded me, as soon as I walked in.
I did, and they proceeded to break into song. It went something like this:

"Kez is great at driving, but she's not good at farting.
Kez is good at loving babies, but she doesn't really like little dogs.
If you ask her to smooch a baby, she'll always be ready to do it.
Especially for her special one, Johnny J.

Oh Kez oh Kez oh Kez oh Kez
She gives love, ya, she gives love, ya she gives love
Oh Kez oh Kez oh Kez oh Kez
She gives love, ya she gives love, ya she gives so much love

Kez is good at healing, Kez is good at eating labouille.
And in case you haven't noticed, Kez is really quite beautiful.
Especially with her baby, Johnny J.

Oh Kez oh Kez..."

Talk about feeling special! What a nice self-confidence boost during a crazy week. Thanks boys!

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