Sunday, November 2, 2008


This morning, Sam, Casey and I drove back to Sherrie's to put fresh bandages on Vanesse, the little girl with burns. I knew that I was going to have to rip the bandages off her to remove as much dead skin as possible. Yesterday, she had been crying and writhing in pain when all I was doing was applying silvadene and bandages. Today should have been much worse.

The whole way there and the evening before, we prayed that she would not feel the pain. We prayed for her on the table and then I started yanking bandages. Over the next 20 minutes while I worked on her, Vanesse only cried out twice! She didn't struggle against what we were doing and she didn't plead with her mother to protect her as she had yesterday. It was obvious that she was experiencing significantly less pain. Praise God!

Tomorrow, I will have to soak and scrub the burns to remove some scar tissue that is already forming. This could be even more painful than anything we have done so far. Please join us in praying for Vanesse's healing and for her comfort as we care for her!

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