Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The babies

My "office", also known as the floor and napping location for Johnny J.

Our newest baby is named Bethsaika, nicknamed Betty or TiBet. She is from the Ravine and she is 9 months old, but she cannot sit by herself and she only weighed 9 lbs when we brought her here. Today, 10 days later, she is 10 lbs and 3 oz. Progress, slow but steady!

JJ had a small seizure last week. It only lasted 3 minutes and it did not need any medications to stop it, but we have no idea what caused it. He was running a fever, but it was too low to have caused a febrile seizure. He has been fine since, showing no sign of damage and having no more seizures. But it still makes us a little nervous!

Movie time with the toddlers and Kevs

Kevs and Miltha - she adores that boy and he adores her back. She will smile and giggle at anything he does and he just dotes on her. He also adminsters her TB meds to her some mornings because she takes it so much better for him. When it's me or one of the nannies, she throws a fit and spits it all out. For him, she throws a fit, but she keeps the meds down.

Doing the pillow dance!

Everyone else has gained weight since we last weighed them in October, but Johnny J has lost 2 pounds. He continues to have chronic ear infections, frequent fevers and diarrhea, and he's always raspy. We are still trying to get him started on AIDS medications.

Gerty is officially our tallest kid. She is 1 meter tall!

Despite being sick, Poutchino has managed to gain a pound since our last weigh-in. He's 28 pounds and 99 centimeters.

Miltha continues to gain weight and cough less and less now that she is on her third month of TB treatment. Her little legs are actually looking pudgy!

Mackenson has hepatitis A. There is no treatment for the disease, so we are just taking care of him as usual, though we are trying a new milk combination with oil and brown sugar in hopes that he might gain a little weight. The poor thing is quite miserable.

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Tasha Rae said...

its so good to see pictures of them! you are doing a good job! keep seeking God He is doing great things there! send them all my love! xoxox