Monday, January 12, 2009

Gonaives - before and after

Nearly 3 months have passed since my first trip to Gonaives in October, and though the city is still full of mud and destruction, there are clear signs of improvement, especially near Pastor Genada's church and former home.

Before: on the road just outside Gonaives

After: there is still a lake, but it is much shallower

Before: the garage at a home directly behind the hotel


Before: outside Pastor Genada's church

After: the church minus 3 feet of mud

Before: the driveway behind the hotel, buried under 12 feet of mud

After: a fully clean drive where we parked our car

Before: the abandoned bicycle in an unfinished house

After: the house is still full of mud but someone wanted that bike back!

Before: the river ford

After: the river is still there and it's deeper. People cross on a makeshift bridge about 50 yards downriver.

Before: the street adjacent to the hotel, full of wet mud

After: still full of mud, but now it has hardened so you can walk on any part without sinking in.

Before: a truck buried in the field beside Pastor's orphanage

After: the truck is out but the hole is still there.

The mud flats have hardened now and are perfect soccer pitches. There are streams and greenery everywhere, and much less mud. Look at my feet compared to how they looked on my last trip!


Tasha Rae said...

Praise God!! It looks much better. What a blessing Kez to get to go back and see the progress and help again. Keep up the good work! miss you all! <3 <3 <3

Chops said...

Kez, I love the before-and-after. Just great!


Lori said...

These are awesome pictures!! Thanks for sharing these with those of us that couldn't go see it. What an experience!!! I'm so happy that you were able to help so many people and see some changes in the area too. Keep up the great work. We love you! We admire and appreciate the superb work that you are doing for Christ here in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

what hard work they have done to clean up the mud. there's a lot more to do, but so much has been accomplished, and you do a wonderful job. keep up the caring work you do. and you have such cute lil toes, Kez

Anonymous said...

For more pics from G'ves, check out the Hands On website:

They've been digging mud from homes since Oct.