Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Gonaives

I am going back to Gonaives for 2 days, leaving tomorrow morning. We will stop at the village where we met the children on our last trip and deliver clothes and shoes to them. The next day, we will do a morning clinic at Pastor Genada's church, and then we will make the trek back to Gonaives. It's a lot of driving for a short stay, but in a place where they have lost everything including their doctors, it's worth it.

Please pray for our safe travel and for a sucessful and riot-free clinic on Friday!

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Angela said...

Since I didn't see this post until Friday evening it might be a little late to pray for today but I'll pray for your safe return and look forward to hearing/reading all about your time there.

You are talked about in our home often and very LOVED by our family!!