Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is it - an elevator shaft!

Yes, it's an elevator shaft. If it's gets finished, it will be only the second building I know of in Haiti with an elevator.

Last week, when I was doing medical clinics with a group from the States, we visited
the construction site of the new King's Clinic in Tabarre. I was amazed to see this:

What is it?


Mama Beth said...

elevator shaft?

BPF said...

which side is up??

Bryn said...

i vote for an elevator shaft; not that i think elevators are very prevalent in Haiti, but what else could it be? a look out tower?? a really big dumb waiter.

Mandy said...

oops I think I just commented as Bryn. that is what we get for sharing computers.

Mr Nice Guy said...

@BPF - at first I had the same question. But with the point of view in the center of the shaft, a downward view would have been a bit painful.