Friday, October 9, 2009

Goat thieves no more

There is a saying in Haiti, "MINUSTAH se volo kabrit." It means "The United Nations are goat thieves". They say that because when the UN first came into the country in full force and was on offensive in Cite Soleil and other high danger areas, their vehicles would occasionally run over goats and other livestock but the soldiers never tried to repay the owners. Imagine how devastating it would be to a poor family to lose their one animal!

At Sherrie's school on Delmas 31, the saying has changed. Now it goes like this: "MINUSTAH pote dlo" = "the UN brings water"! I walked out to the courtyard yesterday on my way to deliver meds to a student and there in the driveway was a UN water truck. Two Bolivians in full gear were standing by as a hose filled the giant cistern and all our 5 gallon buckets. Strange things happen to me all the time in Haiti, but this was a first: free Bolivian UN water delivery!

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Dannae said...

wow who would have thought? i'm so glad the UN is doing some real practical things in the neighborhood. i always believed they were helping, but it just seemed they could do so much more. praise God!