Friday, October 30, 2009

Memorable moments

Tod, the only non-medical member of the Maine team, is a computer geek. No one was sure whether his skills would be put to use, but he turned out to be an invaluable part of the clinics and, frankly, almost more popular than the doctors! He ran the pharmacy for us every day, with Bernard (who works for me at Angel Missions) or me translating. And on days when we didn't need a pharmacist, he did computer work for me, for Wings of Hope, and for Sherrie in the Ravine. Plus, he kept us connected to the technological world with Skype, personalized maps of Haiti, weather updates, and photosharing websites. I think I might make it a requirement: all medical teams must also bring a computer geek!

Our bravest surgical patient was this 4 year old boy. He laid still on the table, while his squeamish mother hid outside, crying occasionally, but not fighting us as we removed a cyst from behind his ear.

Two reasons why I would love to visit Wings of Hope again: 1)It's cold on top of that mountain and it feels great! 2)Little 5 year old Delmasse, paralyzed from the waist down, but completely normal in brain development, perched on the front of another child's wheelchair, driving her friend around the house.

We drove around town all week with Karen Bultje, a fellow missionary with a huge heart for kids with medical problems. We couldn't all fit inside, so 2 or 3 people rode in the bed of the pick-up. Jim looked quite dashing with the new Haiti-wind-blown hair style!

Performing finger surgery in the hotel room!

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