Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Don't tell the Humane Society

I have been fighting a losing battle against the mouse population in the Shoebox. The snap traps are useless. The only thing I've caught in them is my finger. A slightly more effective technique is trash can stalking: I sit on my bed, pretending to read or watch a movie, but really keeping an eye on the trash can. Within minutes, a mouse will come along and start to climb in. I make a leap for the trash can and he takes off. We repeat about a hundred times until he gets careless and climbs all the way in. Then I snag him.

The problem with trash can stalking is that it is very time consuming. I only caught 3 mice in 2 weeks. So I eventually cracked and bought a glue trap. Within 45 minutes of putting it out, I had my first victim. I took care of him and then went out to work. I came home less than 4 hours later to this:

Catching the mice is one thing. Killing them is another. My favorite technique is to bag them in a plastic shopping bag, put them on the floor, and bash them with a frying pan until they're not moving anymore. I have never felt so inhumane in my entire life. Fortunately, 10 year old Sherley has no such qualms. If she's around, I let her take care of my captives.

All the kids seem to think that mouse catching is great sport. I'm happy to let everyone participate so Zion, Sherley, and Rosemina disposed of the offenders for me.

So far, our count is 9 mice. Wait, I hear some squeaking... Make that 11 mice. My friends, I think V-M Day (Victory over Mice Day) may be coming!

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