Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hopeful Haiti

Someone recently told me that Haiti has a sense of hopelessness. In some ways, I think he was right: if you look at the government, the trash, the traffic, the masses of unemployed people, the overwhelming feeling is despair. But on the other hand, when I walk down the street and chat with the ladies selling vegetables or when I watch my little neighbors making doll dinners with berries, leaves, and bottle caps or when I see a group of adults in the slum sharing a plate of food and laughing over a joke, I see hope. Lots of hope.

I took an informal poll of my Ravine families and to the person, everyone said that Haiti has hope. I asked why and one man answered, "Where there is God, there is hope."

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Zandra said...

Thank you for your lovely words. People seem to mix up despair with laziness and appreciation for apathy. Only if they knew and understood. I love you site and I have to say that you are my hero for doing something I've always dreamed of. :)