Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chez moi

I made it safely to Haiti with the help of some amazing people...more on that later. I am working with a team of US doctors on Delmas 24, doing my usual team coordination: translating, explaining Haiti, referring patients, transporting patients, arranging food and water, getting clothes for those whose bags were lost in transit. I am already quite tired.

Coming back has been bittersweet - hard to arrive and remember that all my pre-quake friends are gone, but comforting to be reunited with some of my post-quake friends. It is still a difficult place to be but I am glad I made it back.


Hilary said...

We love you. We're in the middle of too many snow days. Haiti is also happy to have you back. Can you tell me what the name of your blog means? Mwen renmen ti moun Ayiti yo!

David Walker

Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue said...

Glad you're back. I got out to Miami and will be back Saturday morning. Can't wait to hug you. Dorothy