Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friendly faces

I have been very fortunate to be reunited with some dear friends recently. Spending quality time with them has made the craziness and the constant reminders of the earthquake a little more tolerable. Marc is back, Patricia came down from Gonaives for a quick stay on her way to the US, and Joy took a week off from college to visit her family and friends, including me. I have been able to visit Stephanie and the other HFC kids, and of course, seeing my Johnny J always makes my day! This past week, I was especially lucky to have Lauren, a close friend from nursing school, come stay with me. She traveled all around the city with me and was basically a second brain and a second pair of hands for me.


Nicole said...

Hooray for friends visiting and helping you out! Im sure it has really brightened your week, to not have to bear all of this work on your own.

What does your friends red t-shirt say in the first picture? Is it "Haiti on my brain"??

Sooyun said...

Hi Kez,

How are you? I would love to connect with you at some point. I speak with the HFC kids regularly. Stephanie mentioned that you had taken a picture of her when you visited them last. Is the little boy with her Brian? Thanks so much for all you do and you are in my prayers.