Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ois speaks!

It has been over a week since I saw Ois. I was worried about him; with the attention from the US team, he had made progress, but I was afraid that at his new rehab location, he would slide back. Yesterday, Lucson, Obed, Jean Marc and I went to visit him at Dr Joey’s hospital on Delmas 33. We walked in to find Ois being bathed in the courtyard by one of the nurses.

“Ois, koman ou ye?” we asked. (How are you?) Ois looked up, grinned a lopsided grin, gave us a thumbs-up and said, “Mwen la!” (I’m OK!)

It took a full second for us to realize what had just happened. OIS SPEAKS!! Lucson and I started jumping up and down and screaming and hugging each other and laughing and whooping. OIS SPEAKS!!

It was an unforgettable moment.

Ois told me what he had for breakfast. He told me that it tasted really good. He answered yes and no to the boys’ questions about what he likes to play. He told me that his leg hurt. He asked us to call his sister Giset for him. I have been trying. Pray that I can reach her – I have tried over 20 times without success. Phones are still not working quite right, but I need to tell her this news. It may very well determine what happens next to Ois.

But for now, all of that is insignificant. What matters is that the impossible happened: OIS SPEAKS!


Sondra said...

Oh Kez~ I cannot tell you how much Joy your update brought me!
Praise God! Thanks so much for checking up on him and keeping us updated. Michael & I are praying for him. We hope that he will able to be cared for by his family. If should need to comes to the US he has a home with us.

Nicole said...

YAY what great news! That is a tremendous update. Im so glad that Ois is speaking and acting more like himself. I hope you can contact his sister soon.

Keziah, please keep on doing your work, so that you can share stories like this with us all the time!

Steph said...

I miss those guys...Luscon really bonded with Ois while we were there. I am so excited he is talking...thank you for the update Kez!