Thursday, April 8, 2010


In anticipation of Michael, Walnes, and the dance troupe's return to Port-au-Prince, the St Joseph's guys went crazy cleaning out the courtyard and the street. For 5 days straight, they hauled rubble and filled dump truck after dump truck. For 5 days straight, my entire Shoebox was covered in a thick layer of concrete dust. For 5 days straight, none of us could breathe!

It was utterly worth it. Instead of the street looking like this...

the guys came home to a street that looked like this:

When the dance troupe came home, they brought a special delivery for me: my neighbor, patient, and friend, Bill. For a guy who broke 5 vertebrae, 2 ribs, and was, as far as we're concerned, dead for about an hour, he looks fantastic. After the nightmare that we lived through during the 4 days that I was caring for him with virtually no resources, fearing every day that I was going to allow him to suffer permanent damage or even die, it is such a relief to see him walking around looking like the healthy exhuberent young man that he was pre-quake. It is the ultimate job satisfaction and the sweetest reward.


Anonymous said...

While it was great to see Bill's smile while he was in the States drumming with the dance troupe, it's even more heart warming to see him smiling back at St. Joes.

Anonymous said...

Kez, I am a flight attendant for AA, I had Vanessa on my flight today and it was lovely to see her and the children she was bringing back home!
We have ways of getting supplies to you and I hope that you contact me when you need things, as I can transport them for free.
Let me know if I can help you, ever.
Doreen Koss
God Bless!