Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clinic 24

We have started the clinic at Delmas 24 again. It takes time for the surrounding tent cities and slums to hear through word of mouth that clinic is open, so for the past few weeks we haven't had many patients. I don't mind though. It gives me time to complete a very thorough inventory of our pharmacy (thank you, US Airforce for providing me with such ample supplies that I am still, 8 months later, using them!) and to train Sendhie and my other staff with some useful skills. Plus, I love having the time to chat with my regular patients, showing them that we care about more than just their physical well being. A little bag of tylenol only lasts so long, but a trusting relationship can be for life.


Lauren said...

aww, what a lovely picture of you and your patient. im glad you are able to spend some time and get to know the people you care so deeply for :) is this the clinic i went to with you? that was such a beautiful building!!

Sondra said...

What a great picture! I called that woman Maman all week when we were there, but I would love to know her name. Good to see you back in the clinic!