Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the ravine

Everyone in the ravine has been very happy to have me back. My first walk through upon my return to Haiti consisted of very little medical care and a whole lot of catching up on both ends. This week was a little more routine - lots of diarrhea, coughs, colds, and some malaria.

I don't care what country you are in: children everywhere love to listen to their own heartbeat!

Why is it that my regulars, the kids I have known for over 2 years in the ravine, are so terrified of me? You'd think I gave them shots or something, but I never have. They get their vaccinations at the local clinic or from the government teams that used to walk through and set up vaccine stations.

At least Fabiola, my little white baby, (less white now that she is older and running around outside more) remembers me happily. Her dad told me that she can find me in their family photo album and calls me her "other Mommy". It warms my heart when Haitians can spend time in my presence without asking for anything. In the 20 minutes that I sat with Fabiola's mom and dad, the only mention of giving anything came from the other direction. "I wish we had something better to offer you," they said.

"This is all I want," I answered. "For you to invite me to sit with you and talk as friends. That means more to me than anything you could give me."

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