Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maine medical team

My camera has died a very tragic death so I have been photo-less for about a month now. It's a rough existence. It seems like photo opportunities are twice as abundant as usual now that I cannot take advantage of them. All that to say that I wish I had more photos of this medical team's trip to Haiti last week, but I don't. Fortunately, the lack of photos does mean that the trip was lacking in any way.

I love when this team comes for several reasons. First, a group comes from their program every 6 months, so though I don't know each individual doctor, I know Dr Chi and Dr Jim, the leaders. And though most of the doctors don't know me, they have usually heard enough crazy stories about me to feel as if we are friends already. Secondly, they are from a residency program, so there is always excellent teaching during their clinics. I learn so much from working with them, as do my young Haitian translators. Thirdly, they are from Maine, one of my many homes. Visitors to Haiti are rarely from New England, so it's always a treat to be able to talk about familiar places. And it seems that one of them is always wearing a Red Sox hat!

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