Friday, November 23, 2012

Our little man

Rudenchly comes to clinic every day for dressing changes on his adhesion repair. Unfortunately, the skin grafts did not take, but the tissue looks very healthy and I think it's going to heal pretty well. Slowly, but well.
We've started Rudenchly on a modified MedikaMamba program to boost his protein intake so his wounds can heal better. He looks great - chubby-cheeked, giggly and practically glowing.
His mom, Leila, like many of the women in Jubilee, doesn't have a man helping with her children and she has been homeless since the house fire that scarred Rudenchly. They have been living at a neighbor's house but he has been "giving Leila pressure". I don't know for sure, but I have a hunch that he is trying to make her sell herself for sex. Leila has cried openly in clinic with us and it makes my heart ache. 
We are working on renting her a room in Jubilee for 6 months while we talk about options with Brian, Josh, and Beaver. Perhaps we can build her an adobe house...perhaps we'll keep renting for her...Pray for wisdom for us and for job possibilities for Leila. And pray for Rudenchly's foot to keep healing!

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