Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The cemetery

We live in a small 3 room apartment with no courtyard and we have a beautiful, 9 month old, 63 pound rottweiler. As you can imagine, the Safe House can feel really small when Tug is full of energy and bouncing, literally, off the walls.
We walk him all over Jubilee and its bordering neighborhoods, but we can't let him off leash because people are terrified of him. Luckily, the cemetery is less than a block away and it's almost always open.
It doesn't look much like an American cemetery...

...for example, I bet you've never seen smashed caskets and coffins lying around behind gravestones...

The cemetery is generally empty except for a few men building tombs. Voodoo makes Haitians very skittish about graveyards. Things like zombies, ghosts, and evil spirits are just too real to them. Understandably.
In a far corner of the cemetery is a wide open space with low brush. We can take Tug off leash there and let him run wild. He loves it!
The best part is that we make friends in the cemetery. This is Fred. We have to step over him every time we walk into Tug's playground.
I love Haiti.

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