Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The day we went to the forest

This is where we live. Desolate, desert-like, dry and dusty dump. Oh, yeah.
April teaches Pre-K. In her class, they have been doing a forest theme for the past month and it culminated in a field trip to the forest! OK, it's not anything close to a real forest, but it's a section of the river with a mango grove and other trees on the banks. About as close to a forest as you're going to get in Gonaives, Haiti.
Somehow, I managed to get myself invited along with Josh, Isaac, April, and Clairvins, her class translator/assistant. Imagine children who have never been farther than a mile from Jubilee, have never been to a clean body of water, and have never played in trees, ever. Their excitement was uncontrollable.
And of course, after all our fun, every single one of the kids fell asleep on the way home. How adorable!

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Sondra said...


I remember when every ride longer than 2 minutes would put Oyis to sleep. I would be hawking him in the rear view mirror! "Do NOT fall asleep!" LOL definitely a better memory than when we were across town and he rolled down the windows yelling and pointing in Cr-English: "Li is BLACK!"