Sunday, December 30, 2012


Clinic is closed for two weeks so our staff can have some time off. Grace and I are supposed to have time off too, but there always seems to be some emergency that needs attention or someone who needs daily care. This little boy, for instance, whose ankle needs dressings changes each day.  
When we first met him two weeks ago, it looked like his leg was broken, but then he showed up on December 26th with the ugly open wound that had burst spontaneously and has been oozing bloody water drainage continuously. I started him on antibiotic shots and daily dressing changes and sent photos to our referral docs in the US. They agreed that our regimen was probably correct and so we continue, interrupting our vacation every day to take care of our patient. That's Haiti and I don't mind. If we don't work on this boy's leg, he won't get decent care or any care, for all I know. So our vacation includes a little boy whose name I don't even know.
Happy Holidays, everybody!

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