Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back at it!

I'm starting continuing education with my nursing assistant students this week. They graduated in December, but they want to keep learning, so I've agreed to keep teaching them. We'll be honing skills I taught them in the fall such as vital signs and listening to breath sounds. We'll continue to do disaster training and my favorite exercise, "emergency scenarios" where I give them a patient and a set of symptoms and let them react accordingly.
We'll also start on new topics such as community health education and prenatal care. And since they've been begging for it, I will teach them how to give injections. I'm not sure why the thought of poking someone is so attractive, but they are jittery in their excitement about it. One of my students even requested to be the permanent victim - "I love getting shots, Miss Keziah!"

In addition, I will be picking my new batch of students for the basic course this week. Approximately 60 people will take my entrance exam and I will accept 20 of them. Pray for me! I need some high quality male students because we are still looking for someone to replace our nearly irreplacable Oscar when he leaves for medical school in the summer.

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