Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deja vu

The phone rings at 9pm. "Keziah, one of the guests just chopped off part of his finger in the door."

I answer with a laugh, "Haha, very funny. We already did the chopped-off finger thing. What actually happened?"

Pause. "No, really, Kez. He's missing a piece of finger."

Luckily, this particular finger chop wasn't as deep or as irregular as the first, so I turned our dining room into an OR and I sewed Garry's finger tip back on.
It took about 45 minutes, 19 stitches, 2 headlamps, one bike light and Grace's help holding the chunk of finger in place. The power went out once during surgery and I almost ran out of size 4 sutures before I finished.
Ironically, I happened to be wearing a t-shirt that a close friend had brought me from Texas. It's supposed to be a joke regarding Texans and guns, but it's very appropriate for me and Grace.
We don't dial 911. We are 911.


Macro Guy said...

Maybe you should see about fixing that door...

Sondra said...

Ok, I love the tshirt! I am sitting here envisioning all of your adventures and audibly laughing... LOUDLY! May the new year bring you all peace & joy!

We had an awesome New Years Feast too! piklese, soup joumou, and the next day Haitian chicken in sauce! Now if I could only get Oyis to appreciate that I cook him Haitian food!