Saturday, May 10, 2014

All Powerful Miss Keziah

My students sincerely like and respect me. But things went to a whole new level one day when Rony was closing the session in prayer. He said, “God, we ask that You would bless All Powerful Miss Keziah for what she does…”


I felt pretty great about myself. All Powerful Miss Keziah! Now that’s a title I never thought I’d attain. A week later, Rony prayed again. “Thank You, God, for everything You’ve given us. And help us, All Powerful, to share what we’ve learned with others.”


I never thought of All Powerful being a name that Rony uses to address God. I guess the whole thing makes more sense with a couple commas in Rony’s original prayer. “We ask that You bless, All Powerful, Miss Keziah for what she does…”



1 comment:

Katrina said...

If you were really "All Powerful Miss Keziah" that would make you an AP! Are you ready for that?