Thursday, September 6, 2007

From the big girls

I had been joking with some of the older girls about missing them so much that I was going to kill them. Today I received this gem in response: "Kattia says that she cannot die yet because men need her. Because she hasn't tasted anything in life yet. Because she hasn't helped her mother yet, or her country yet. Her family needs her, her friends need her, her country needs her...all that to say that she cannot die yet. Martine also says that she can't die yet because she and Kattia are going to 'live and share the good works of the Lord.'"

Further in the email, Fabiola tells me about her new Spanish teacher. "He is so ugly! If you saw him, you would run away from him. You would never be able to sleep again. His ears stick out, he has red eyes and his skin is charcoal black."
Several of the girls are jealous of the relationships that I have developed with the boys. Not Fabiola. She, Jessica, Stephanie, and many of the older girls understand that the boys really needed someone right when I got there and Fabi will even confront the boys and ask them, "Have you thanked Keziah for what she does for you?" So it is heartwarming but not surprising to find this conclusion to the email: "I will tell the boys that you say hi. And Jessica promises that she will take care of Bernadin for you. We love you and we miss you. Fabiola."

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