Thursday, September 13, 2007


My close friend Monique went to a soccer game last night, but it wasn't just any old soccer game - it was a friendly match between Mexico and Brazil! When she told me, I couldn't believe her at first. She finally convinced me that she wasn't pulling my leg, and I immediately started jumping around, "I can't wait to write to the boys and tell them about this!" only to stop a second later, "I can't write to the boys and tell them." What a depressing thought. Jacques and Emmanuel's favorite team just played a game 18 miles from my house against Job's, Bernadin's, Junior's, Renick's, John Peter's, Peterson's, and Richecarde's favorite team. That means that Ronaldinho (Bernadin's, John's, Mathurin's, and Renick's favorite player), Kaka (Junior's and Richecarde's favorite), and Robinho (Peterson's favorite) were all within 45 minutes of me. And I can't tell the boys! GRRRR!!!

I have started a list titled: "Things to tell the boys when I call" because otherwise I would forget silly stories or important things that I wanted to share. The soccer game is at the top of the list, right after "I love you".

Side note: if you're ever looking for special gifts for the boys, soccer magazines (like the ones in these photos) and soccer videos (such as highlights from World Cup 2006 or any international soccer, but especially Brazil) are two absolute favorites.


Mandy said...

By the way, I LOVE the pics on this post! :)

Angela said...

That's really cool. They are going to be SO excited when you tell them!!!

We are planning on surprising Jacques with a Mexico Soccer themed room when he comes home.

Any idea where to buy the soccer magazines? I've looked for them and can't find them.

Love you,

Mandy said...

I've had luck finding soccer magazines at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Hastings. Do you have any of those stores?

Keziah said...

For the magazines, Borders is good, and then you have to start looking online.