Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The miracle of email

When I left on Sunday, Emmanuel told me, "Good-bye until your next visit." I responded, "No way! It's good-bye until you write to me!" He just shook his head sadly at me, "You know we boys aren't actually going to be able to use email, Keziah."

Well, today, Emmanuel's day to use email, I have received not one, not two, not three, but FOUR emails from my son. Granted, his spelling is atrocious and he refuses to use punctuation, but it makes my day. Especially when he says things like, "I am so used to having you here that when you leave, something is missing from the pension. I've lost my appetite but I'm better now I know that you have made it home OK. Mwen renmen ou anpil. XOXoooooxXXXxxxxOO."


Angela said...

What a beautiful picture of a wonderful boy! You must be one very proud Mama!!!

Do you mind if I ask which day is Jacques day to use the computer and if they can view pictures, video, and sound? I'm dying to know if he can see our birthday video.

renmen ou,

KimK said...

that gave me chills, what a sweet boy he is!!!