Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Today I got to drive in Haiti for the first time! It was great, really almost effortless. I think that I have driven with other people so much that I have a very good idea of how to do it already. I’m looking forward to getting to drive more often: Freedom!

At the Ravine today, we didn’t see many sick kids. It’s been that way for three weeks. That could mean that people just don’t realize we are walking through and they miss us. Or it could mean that we are doing effective work and the children in that region are becoming healthier. My optimistic side agrees with the latter!

We don’t normally see any adults when we are in the Ravine, but today, one mother had an abscess on a badly swollen foot. We don’t carry surgical equipment or major bandaging gear with us on our rounds, so the woman came back to Sherrie’s house with us. She had put some strange yellow powder on the abscess, so we cleaned it off and then I cut it open and drained it. The poor lady was whooping and wincing every time I pressed down on her swollen foot, but it had to be done. We bandaged her up, packed her a bag with antibiotics and bandage supplies, and drove her home. Sherrie will check her mid-week to make sure it’s healing nicely.

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