Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This week I am substitute teaching for my friend Kim at Quisqueya Christian School. Kim had to travel to the States to attend a conference, so I am staying at her apartment and teaching her 5 classes: digital photography, 8th grade science, yearbook, comparative politics, and creative writing. It's strange working with these kids because they are all missionary kids or children of the bourgeois, the Haitian upper class. So different from the orphans, the sick, and the homeless that I normally see here.
The best part of being at Quisqueya is the quiet. I enjoy living at Dorothy's but with 2 roommates, 21 children, 3 dogs, 6 cats, lots of staff, and one 10 year old boy, there is always noise and always something going on. It has been very nice to be by myself, to just lounge around, to watch a movie, to cook my own food, to just think. The downside is that having time to think makes me miss the HFC kids. The busier I am, the less I think of them and the less I miss them. But here, I remember why it is that Kim and I are even friends: HFC. And I want to see my first Haitian children...badly.

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