Sunday, August 8, 2010

Embrace your weird

Camp brings out the weird in me. I know, I know. Anyone who chooses to work in Haiti 9 months of the year is plenty weird. But truly, I reach a whole new level of weird at Chop Point.

At Chop Point, it isn't strange to find people playing soccer in Russian comrade hats or giving blessings to girls pretending to be pregnant with a dodgeball under their t-shirt. People dress like cows and pose with lobsters and call a boy named James by the nickname Rhonda. We race around the field carrying a camper in a kayak. We spray freezing cold water at kids while they do jumping jacks, and march around the nearby town dressed all in red with a black mask and a plastic sword.

At Chop Point, you aren't judged for being weird. On the contrary, the weirder you are, the more beloved you are. We frequently hear from kids that they have few friends at school because they don't fit in, but those same kids are surrounded by friends at camp. Being "cool" at camp is very different from being "cool" at school.

It breaks our hearts to see kids leave at the end of the summer knowing that they will soon be faced again with the peer pressure and judgement of middle school and high school. We encourage them to continue to be the person that they are at camp, even if that person is a bit quirky. You were created uniquely and you don't need to fit a particular media-determined mold to be lovable. Just look at your Chop Point staff. We're as weird as they come and you seem to love us!

So kids, friends, blog readers, do like we do at Chop Point and embrace your weird. You won't regret it.

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William said...

Kez, You are the perfect person to get someone to embrace their wierd!!! That is what we all love about you!