Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome home

I arrived in Haiti yesterday afternoon. It's funny how I can be gone for only 2 months and yet seem to have forgotten so many little things when I get back here. I forgot how dusty Haiti is, especially now. I forgot that the internet is a luxury and it rarely works. I forgot that miniature ants love water spills. I forgot that my neighborhood kids will rip my house apart in an attempt to clean for me. I forgot that absolutely everyone, even strangers, says "Bonjou" on the street.

Other things I did not forget. I did not forget that a shower at the end of the day is heaven. I did not forget that I have to take the new shortcut to the market because the old one is blocked by rubble. I did not forget that toilet paper goes in the trashcan instead of the toilet. Why is that habit so easy to return to when I get to Haiti and so incredibly difficult to break when I go the States?

I was greeted upon arrival by Bill, Walnes, and the St Joe's boys and staff. Within minutes, Frantz was at my door too, followed by a parade of neighborhood children, all asking what I'd brought them from America. "Nothing!" I scowled. Actually, I have silly bands for all of them :) Edjour, Sendhie, Bebeto, Alex, G, and Lucy have all come to welcome me home. This is how I like it - entirely surrounded by my Haitian neighbors. I have yet to see a white person. When I do, it will be a joyous reunion with people like Dorothy and Marc and Mary, but for the most part, I relish my non-English existence.

I thought that I might not sleep for my first night back. The heat or the recurring phantom tremors were sure to hit. On the contrary, I slept like a baby all night long. This morning, I woke up to the shoe-shiner's bell, the charcoal lady's call, and the buckets and shovels of St Joseph's. Welcome home, Keziah.


Sondra said...

Glad to know you made it home safe, zanmi mwen. Thrilled that you slept well. Mwen dormi mal en Ayti. Something about Cok la chante? LOL! Welcome Home Kez!

Lauren said...

I LOVE IT!! i wrote on your facebook wall before i read this, silly me :P i love everything about this entry- that you got back safe, that you are happy, that you have silly bands ;), that you saw all your kids & boys, that you remembered where to put the TP lol. goodness gracious, keziah, i love you. this entry made me smile :)