Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Third World children

...can be very demanding. "Kez, give me a deck of cards!" "Kez, show us a movie!" "Kez, where's my doll?" Sometimes, I want to slam the door in their faces. But other days, it's different. It's "Kez, do you want some pate (fried pastry)?" or "Kez, I watered your plants," or "Kez, these hair clips are for you."

My neighborhood kids are just grand. They are my little eyes and ears up in the tent city - "Kez, come quick! A lady just passed out!" They are my "Good morning's" and my "Good night's", every single day. They assure that I am never alone. They are always ready for a game or a crazy laugh when the sillies hit me....such as the day that we found a dead pigeon and proceeded to have an elaborate pigeon funeral. Odd, but distinctly enjoyable.

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Lauren said...

ewww, they picked it up?! silly children... im sure you did too :P gotta love those kids! im glad you have them, nevermind they are so lucky to have you!!!!!