Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cholera begins to abate

I made a visit this week to the Samaritan's Purse cholera treatment center (CTC) in Cite Soleil. When I was helping out during Thanksgiving week at their CTC in Cabaret, they were just getting ready to open this new center. It has 2 huge warehouse-like buildings, built of wood frames and tin roofs, with the capacity for 200 total patients. In addition, a series of tents outside contain triage, an oral rehydration station, and a discharge are. They were ready to handle at least 300 patients at a time!

But when I arrived, my friends happily informed me that there were only 30 inpatients and about 10 in the ORS tent! Their highest occupency was a few weeks ago and even then, it was only 100. I have not heard how cholera is treating the countryside south and west of Port-au-Prince, but the rates here in the capital are dropping without ever reaching the deadly levels we feared. Good good news!

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