Thursday, January 20, 2011

The staff that sweeps together, stays together

An American recently visited the clinic at Delmas 24. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "Is all this dust from the earthquake?"

*Slightly embarassed silence.*

I and my clinic staff, Sendhie and Lucson, always start the day by sweeping. Granted, we only hold clinic there on Thursdays, so each time there is 7 days worth of dust to sweep up, but my guest was right, it is an extraordinary amount of dust. I believe it can be blamed on the large roads and the construction nearby, exaggerated by being completely undisturbed all week. When I got back to Haiti after my Christmas break, clinic had been closed for 3 weeks. We took our trusty brooms (named Albertina and Papi Albert) and swept up enough gray concrete dust to build a house for someone. All from the one main clinic room! We could have built a grand cathedral with all the dust we swept from the pharmacy, the halls and the stairway.

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Sondra said...

Oh so nice to see your faithful Lucson & Beautiful Sendhie! Please give them our Thanks for all of their hard work! Peace, hugs & Blessings to you all as you continue to do God's Work!