Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clinic one-liners

One of the reasons I love working in the ravine is that the people have figured out what can be treated medically and what can not. At clinic, I'm not so lucky.

"Miss Kez, I need some meds for my son. He's not fat enough."

"Don't you have something that can make my hair more beautiful?"

"Every time I climb a hill, I get out of breath. What's wrong with me?"

"My toddler has had these strange red bumps on the exact same spot on both his feet for 3 days....Well, yes these are new sandals that I bought for him 3 days ago. What do they have to do with the red bumps on his feet?"

"When I eat too much, my stomach hurts."

"Doc, too many women love me."

"I need medicine. You see, every now and then, I have to pee!"

Yes sir. I love running clinic in Haiti :)


Sondra said...

They sound a lot like Oyis one liners I get at home: Ma! I need medicine for making my hair big!

Anonymous said...