Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drawing God

At our first youth group session after the holidays, we asked the kids to draw God.

I know that sounds ridiculous. I mean, how can you draw something that you've never seen, something that you can never fully understand, something that has so many attributes? How could you possibly limit the limitless, awesome, majestic, holy, powerful, loving, righteous, all-knowing God of the universe to a piece of paper?

We asked anyways. And the results were some of the most incredibly insightful, creative, moving images that I've ever seen. The teens truly showed through their artwork the hope they have for God's intervention in Haiti, their growing understanding of His great love, and their acknowlegement of His sovereignty.

(In the above picture, the artist wrote "He is the one that melts the coldest hearts; all it takes is time.")

(In the above picture, the description reads "This is the old Haiti when people were sleeping under tents...And this is when God changes the tents into new houses for the people in the new Haiti.")

How would you draw God and what He's doing in your life?


Lauren said...

wow, these are great pictures! i especially love the first one about God melting cold hearts... incredible :) do most of the kids speak english?

Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm going to ask my 6-year-old daughter to draw God this weekend. It will be interesting to see what her perceptions are, and a good conversation starter. I'll do it with her too!