Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Christmas pageant

At the beginning of our Christmas party, we gave the girls a bunch of fabric samples and asked them to put together a Christmas pageant for everyone. They spent an hour preparing, and then presented the story of Jesus' birth. Kattia read the story while the kids acted out the various roles. I translated sporadically whenever it seemed like my team might not be able to follow just based on the acting. After the story, I asked Argentine to stand up and explain why it is so important the Jesus was born on the earth. I know that the kids already know the true meaning of Christmas, but I felt like they could use a reminder as could my team. She did me proud, explaining that Jesus was born so that he could die and rise again, giving us the chance to have a relationship with God by having our sins forgiven. She urged the kids and my team that anyone who has not made the decision to accept that greatest of all gifts should do it today. I think Argentine should become a preacher.

Hermilus the shepherd and his sheep

Pink shepherd, blue sheep, white sheep

The magi visit Baby Jesus


A wise man

Another wise man

The third wise man

The birth, thanks to the NLL babies

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