Sunday, January 27, 2008

My NU eleven

This week, I met my team for our first Haiti dinner. Emily and Amy couldn't make it, but the rest of us spent a pleasant evening reminiscing about the trip. I was friends with most of these girls before December, but now, we have a very special bond. So special, in fact, that we can all be embarassed together when our professor starts raving about our team in front of the entire nursing class, half of which do not know anything about us or the trip. Luckily, she is our favorite professor, so we don't really mind.

On Friday morning, we gave a presentation about the trip to a class of graduate nursing students. They took notes on what we were saying! That would be the difference between undergrads and grads. My team keeps praising the kids and the staff at the clinic. They all say that Haiti has changed them, expanded their view of the world and that everyone should take a similar adventure. Better yet, my friends Ellie and Elsa talked again about how amazing it was that the kids believe so strongly in God and how Christmas is all about Jesus for them.

One of the nursing grads has asked me to help her take a team to Haiti. When I mentioned that to my team, one of them shook a finger at me: "You are not allowed to take anyone else to Haiti. We're your Haiti team!" They can't get Haiti out of their heads; they ask me about the kids all the time and tell me how much they miss being there. It's kind of nice to know that I'm not the only one sitting through a boring lecture and thinking about little Haitian orphans. That Haiti bug is just so marvelously contagious!


Angela said...

How awesome!!! What taptap are you guys in?

Keziah said...

It belongs to the guesthouse where we stayed. They drove us around while we were in PAP.