Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Saturday, Dec. 22nd - Christmas party

In the afternoon, we threw our Christmas party for the kids. The girls did a Christmas pageant for us, we handed out Rice Crispie treats and granola bars, we blared music so that the whole neighborhood knew we were celebrating, and we hung decor all over the covered courtyard. We gave the kids crepe paper, glitter, bells, and ribbon, and then gave them the assignment of decorating the Americans as Christmas trees. They went to town! Just before my team had to leave, we handed gifts out to each of the kids. It was great watching them get excited, especially the younger ones, over simple things like coloring books and soccer balls. Meanwhile, Bryn was doing some subversive work for us, putting a stocking full of candy, pencils, and stickers on each child's bed. When my team left and the kids were sent back to their house, they found that last surprise, and I know that most of them ate the entire stocking-worth of candy within 10 minutes. Overall, it was great, and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - my friends or the kids.

Wislandie and her gift
James and TiJude sharing candyJulie and her "tree" decorating team

The real tree and all the gifts

Erin, successfully decorated by Stephanie Jeannis

Amy and her team

Monsanto would not let anyone come near his Cars coloring book!

All of the kids saying "Thank you" to my team


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Angela said...

So precious! I wish so much I could have been there with you!!!!!!!!

Please keep the posts coming! It's killing me to wait to hear more. ;)