Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Miscardet told me that he is not going to play soccer or basketball anymore this year. Why? He has to take the national exams for 9th grade this June and he doesn't want to hurt his writing hand. Seriously. Are the other 9th grade boys (John Peter, Drisk, Argusto) doing the same thing? Nope, just Miscardet. So every afternoon and every weekend when the other boys go up to the seminary to play, Miscardet stays at the house and studies. WOW!


Angela said...

I'm going to make each of our kids read this post! ;) What a great example he is... not just to the kids but to all of us!

The Haiti Lady said...

What an amazing young man. I am hoping and spreading the word for these kids so that they may have homes....
Love ya,
LeAnne The Haiti Lady